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READing Paws
Improve the literacy and communication skills of children through the assistance of trained & qualified therapy animal-owner/handler teams as literacy mentors.  

Reading Education Assistance Dogs® is a specialized program that pairs early learners with trained animal-assisted therapy dogs or cats to support and encourage children with reading and communication skills. Happy Tails Pet Therapy dogs and cats are trained through a nationally recognized program, specifically related to assisting young readers at local schools, libraries and bookstores. ​

Benefits of READing Paws for Children

  • Unique and fun environment, free from performance pressure

  • Reduces anxiety with focused practice and skill development

  • Enhances self esteem as children begin to master the skills of reading

  • ​Reduces stress and encourages positive communication by releasing calming endorphins in the brain

  • Addresses the "whole person" and can improve other areas of a child's life beyond reading

Join Volunteer READing Paws

To join Happy Tails Pet Therapy please visit the become a volunteer section. After 6 months of active membership, you may register and complete specific training to be a READing Paws team. 


For more information on joining READing Paws please contact us.  

Interested in a regular recurring READing Paws visit with our team? 

  • Offered to schools, libraries, and book stores within the Atlanta area

  • Sign a document of understanding (Happy Tails contract)

  • Sign a READing Paws contract

  • Occurs at least once a month for libraries and weekly for schools

  • Request 30-45 days notice to
    establish visits 

Thank you for requesting a READing Paws visit!
Our team will be in touch with you shortly.

READing Paws Visit Request
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