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Happy Tails volunteers are dedicated to sharing the comfort, healing, and connection of the
human-animal bond.
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The benefits of animal-assisted therapy have been scientifically proven many times over.

Physical Wellbeing

Interaction with a trained animal companion can lower blood pressure, reduce physical pain, promote relaxation, and in some cases even reduce the need for pain medication. When used in conjunction with Physical Therapy, animals can provide a fun and motivational recovery.


Mental Health

Animal-assisted therapy has been shown to help reduce anxiety, stress and alleviate depression. It also encourages communication and provides the motivation for a faster recovery -- the list goes on. 


Reading Support

READing Paws is a Happy Tails program that assists children who are struggling to read. Happy Tails pets provide a non-judgmental and unbiased audience while a child reads a book to them, relieving the student of stress and anxiety so they may practice without pressure.


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