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Request a Special Visit

Please submit requests at least 45 days in advance of the desired special visit date.  In order to accommodate requests Happy Tails needs this time to:

  • Review the request to ensure it is reasonable for Happy Tails to fulfill and meets the purpose of our mission statement.

  • Coordinate the signature from Happy Tails board officer for the DOU once the copy signed by the facility representative has been received, reviewed and accepted.

  • Recruit members to join the team for the visit.   Happy Tails does not have “ready made” teams that can be deployed at a moment’s notice.  Happy Tails members are volunteers who join the teams for which they are available.  We recruit for teams by advertising internally about the visit so our members can decide if the visit is appropriate for them and the pets.

Please understand that we do have limited resources and may not have the resources to fulfill all requests.  

Thank you for your interest in Happy Tails!

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