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Request a Regular Visit

Regular Happy Tails visits occur on a regular basis once a month–for example, 1st Wednesdays of the month or 3rd Saturdays of the month. We can accommodate for most time frames, but weekends and weekday evenings are the most popular times for our volunteers. Each visit is composed of a "team" of volunteers who will be attending these events together. With enough interest and availability, we can accommodate for multiple Happy Tails visits a month for your facility.

Please note that your request will be placed on a Wait List. We will do our best to fulfill your request, but it can take several months to do so. A representative from Happy Tails will be in touch to learn more about your needs.

All requests will be reviewed by the Happy Tails team to determine if it is a good fit for our mission. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fill your request and we reserve the right to decline visits if we feel they are not aligned with the mission of Happy Tails.

All facilities must review and sign our Document of Understanding before we can begin to form your Happy Tails team.

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